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Bill Tollett and his flying experience

Cessna & DC3 seaplanes
DC3 & flight deck
D.H.89B Dominie
pixelpad.gif (44 bytes) Bill is British. He has been flying for more than 50 years. Although he holds professional flying qualifications, he is really an enthusiast aviator.

His FAA qualifications:
  • US FAA ATP, single and multi-engine land
  • Type Rated on Douglas DC3 and
    Cessna Citation CE-500 Series
  • US FAA Commercial, single and multi-engine sea
  • US FAA Flight Instructor: Airplane Single
    and Multi-engine, Instrument Airplane

    His CAA/EASA qualifications:
  • Instrument Rating, single and
  • Qualified Flight Instructor: ab initio, night,
    instrument, multi, aerobatics
  • CAA/EASA Flight Examiner (PPL)
  • Class rated on SE and ME Piston Land,
    SE Piston Sea
  • Class rating examiner SE and
    ME Piston Land
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